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Production Supervisor

RSI Home Products
Job Description
Production Supervisor

RSI Home Products Manufacturing Inc. – Hamlet, NC

The Production Cell Coordinator/ Production Supervisor will be responsible for coordinating the activities of assigned assembly workers within one production cell to meet or exceed daily safety, quality, and production goals. Will work alongside and lead other
cell workers in order to execute production goals. This position will report directly to the Production Supervisor.
Start Up Tasks
 Responsible for reviewing daily cell schedules and printing out the Pick List for forklift drivers.
 Ensures work station cells’ has everything it needs to run in accordance to the production scheduled by replenishing and
controlling part levels/materials at all work stations.
 Coordinates with maintenance for any tool issues and assist the lead in obtaining needed production supplies from the
 Execute all set ups, inspections, cleanliness and preparations for cell start ups.
 Responsible for verifying playbook readiness – Clip boards, pen, downtime sheets, and clock.
 Ensure that end of line is read before work station begins by inspecting strapping machine and pallets.
 Responsible for verifying employee attendance in cells’ and reporting all man power to Plant Manager.
 Will train all new hires/temporaries on Playbook Production, 5S, and One Piece Flow.
Daily Paperwork Task
 Will provide a daily employee headcount report
 Responsible for reporting production every two hours
 Set Goals for performance and deadlines and populate the performance of the team on Gemba boards
Daily Coaching Task
 Responsible for daily auditing/coaching of 5s sustainment, cell cleanliness, One Piece Flow (No Batching),
underperformance, safety and quality.
 Ensures all employees are working in a safe manner and in compliance with established safety protocols, such as using the
appropriate PPE and observing all machine and tool safeguards.
 Ensure the product is built in strict accordance to the specifications and in accordance to the BOMs.
 Responsible for ensuring all assigned employees are working together to meet or exceed quality goals for the cell as well as
serving as the quality expert for the cell when making judgment calls.
 Execute in accordance to the daily production goals by enforcing adherence to the playbooks and cycle times, by ensuring
the pitch charts are completed to standard and by training and cross training assigned workers.
 Responsible for immediately escalating any safety issues to the lead and supervisor.
 Consistently deliver the best in customer service. As an employee, demonstrate respect, dignity, kindness and empathy in
each encounter with customers, visitors and other employees.
 Champion RSI’s mission, vision and values; comply with the policies and procedures, ethical standards and code of conduct
set forth by the company.

End of Shift Task
 Complete all daily production reports.
 Will verify all needs and issues from the MRO Cage
 Will inspect and return all tools back to proper locations.
 Will inspect all equipment to ensure it is in proper working condition.
 Will have cell stations set up and ready for next days’ first production run.
Other Duties:
 Help with layout and organize flow, know how to recognize waste and improve the flow
 Liaise on behalf of the company and address the concerns of employees
 Interview, hire and train employees
 College Degree Preferred
 High School Diploma or equivalent is required
 At least 5 year of line assembly experience
 Must have basic excel knowledge
 Must be able to analyst data from I-pass System
 Must be familiar with Pitch Charts
 Must have knowledge of Bills of Materials
 Must be able to read and understand Pick Tickets
 Must have demonstrated leadership, training, and coaching potential
 Must have effective planning and organizational skills
 Must have the ability to communicate instructions to workers
 Must have demonstrated initiative to make changes happen
 Must be able to use a ruler/caliper and read blue print drawings
 JDE knowledge is a plus
 Bilingual in Spanish a plus, but not required

You can apply by sending your resume to or apply on CareerBuilder, Indeed, or Ziprecuiter
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