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Richmond Community College

Richmond Community College

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About Us

RichmondCC's Mission
Richmond Community College’s mission is to offer educational opportunities, cultural enrichment, and workforce development and training that will enhance the quality of students’ lives and support economic development in Richmond and Scotland counties.

RichmondCC’s Vision
Through the talent and dedication of our employees, we will be the premiere community college in North Carolina. We will set the gold standard for student learning and services, driving the engine of economic development for Richmond and Scotland counties.

RichmondCC's Values Statement
Richmond Community College values above all else:

Our Students
Our Employees
Our Community

Our values are:
INTEGRITY - Fairness and Honesty in All We Do
LEADERSHIP - Inspiring Others to Succeed
DIVERSITY - Of People And Ideas
TEAMWORK - Achieving Our Goals Together
INNOVATION - Never Settling for What Is
PERSEVERANCE - Continuously Striving and Overcoming Adversity
EXCELLENCE - Doing Our Best to Be the Best
ACCOUNTABILITY - Ownership of Performance and Results

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